ING U.S.’s “Orange Money” ad campaign creatively paired the pressing issue of retirement readiness with brand awareness, which helped boost the firm’s appeal. After a four-month run, ING’s brand favorability was up 13% and interest in doing business with the firm increased by 8%, according to data from marketing consultant Added Value. Online banner ads and videos also attracted 400,000 visitors to the firm’s “Orange Money” landing page—33,000 of those visitors went on to participate in retirement planning activities.

The firm worked with advertising agency BBDO Atlanta to develop the ads, which ran from March to June. The concept involves consumers holding cash, some in regular U.S. dollars and others in orange banknotes matching the color of ING’s logo. The goal was to help the consumer distinguish between money that can be spent now and money that should be saved for later. Scenarios included a shopper foregoing a more expensive purchase because it would have caused him to dip into his orange money that was designated for retirement.

Highlighting the color orange was not only aimed at strengthening brand awareness, it was also to associate the firm with optimism, humor and approachability—sentiment the ING believes the color orange evokes. Ads aired on financial news stations such as CNBC and during high-profile sporting events such as the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and Major League Baseball games. The firm’s digital ads were also placed on, and